La regione dai paesaggi incontaminati: le riserve del Molise

The region with uncontaminated landscapes: the Molise reserves

Molise is a small region, sparsely populated and without complex infrastructures, but it represents a real "green link" between Central and Southern Italy. It boasts areas and natural reserves where nature is the master, creating evocative scenarios, in which time seems to have stopped in a dimension totally extraneous to the city chaos and concrete.

Lipu Oasis of Casacalenda

An obligatory stop for wildlife lovers, it is undoubtedly the Lipu Oasis of Casacalenda (about 40 km from Termoli). In addition to being a protected oasis for the protection of protected species, it also has a high historical value: it covers, in fact, two thirds of the Casale wood, which once housed the camp of Gerione di Annibale. In the suggestive hilly forest it is possible to walk paths accompanied by didactic panels, which allow visitors to recognize the different species of flowers (hawthorn, dog rose, red lily, dogwood broom) that populate it. An immersive path in nature that winds through the woods, passing between the natural pools of amphibians and the observation sites of butterflies. To better enjoy this magical place, it is advisable to take advantage of the guided tours, also available in English and French. Every year the Lipu Oasis organizes themed days, dedicated to national and international events on the protection of the environment and nature.

MAB nature reserve

The nature reserve of Collemelluccio-Montedimezzo is located in the heart of the upper Molise Apennines, between Vastogirardi and Pescolanciano (90 km from the coast). 300 hectares of uncontaminated nature, a unique territory made up of luxuriant woods, plant species of all kinds and pastures. It is the ideal destination for those seeking a tranquility from a holiday, which only an immersive experience in nature can give. It is one of the 8 Italian Biosphere Reserves. The MAB (Man and the Biosphere) are a network of localities and terrestrial and coastal / marine ecosystems recognized worldwide for their high naturalistic value. The numerous paths are passable on foot or by mountain bike. Thanks to the self-driving, two electric scooters and Braille driving, even the disabled can enjoy this natural wonder.

Natural oasis of Guardiaregia

The Guardiaregia-Campochiaro natural oasis is a protected natural area in the province of Campobasso, bordering the Matese regional park. It is an hour's drive from our city (90 km). With its extension of 3195 hectares, it is one of the largest and wildest Oasis of the WWF. The spectacular karst phenomena leave you breathless: the Canyon of the Quirino stream, the San Nicola waterfall, the caves of Pozzo della Neve and Cul di Bove, which are the deepest abysses in Europe. Among the attractions it is possible to admire the centuries-old beech trees (the oldest is over 500 years old) as well as several species of birds, such as the great spotted woodpecker, the dipper, the polissena (one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world) and the salamander from glasses (an endemic amphibian that lives only in a certain area of the Apennines). The guided tours take place on the ring of the San Nicola path and offer an hour and a half of unforgettable emotions. The Oasis frequently hosts activities such as work fields, green fields, study weeks and scientific research.

The Pesche natural reserve

The Pesche nature reserve is a protected area located in the province of Isernia, about 95 km from us. It is the youngest natural reserve in Molise and is one of the rare cases in Italy in which the reserve embraces municipal lands and private citizens, in addition to the properties of ecclesiastical bodies. According to authoritative studies, it represents the link between the Mediterranean and temperate bioclimatic zone. What presents itself to the tourist is a breathtaking panorama, which extends from the city of Isernia to the Volturno River Valley, with the Matese and Mainarde mountains in the background. Precisely for this characteristic, ancient mule tracks are being restored at high altitude, which will allow hikers and mountain bikers access to the reserve. Crossing the reserve it is easy to come across the Toloj, small stone buildings, circular in shape, used by shepherds to find refuge from the weather. The spring waters of the Majuri spring are populated by a particular amphibian, the newt, an excellent indicator of healthy environments.

Callora torrent natural reserve

This reserve located in Roccamandolfi (Is) is a real treasure to be discovered, located on the north side of the Matese massif, at the foot of Monte Miletto and 99 km from Termoli. This area takes its name from the Callora river, which in winter feeds on the melting of the snow, and then dry up in the summer. In the rich vegetation, snowdrops, red lilies and bluebells stand out Inside the area there is an ancient medieval castle, reachable from the town center. Also noteworthy is the presence of a Tibetan bridge, which lends itself to spectacular walks with a thrilling panorama.

Prato Gentile

Mountain and snow lovers can only fall in love with Prato Gentile and get lost in its mountain landscapes. Its flat expanse is ideal for cross-country skiing, with slopes appreciated by connoisseurs for beauty and quality. The best known is the "Mario di Nucci" track, approved by F.I.S.I. and home to prestigious competitions. The track winds through beech and fir trees, giving exceptional views. The ski area is suitable for any type of skier, from the less experienced to the professional. For those who spend a few days in Termoli, it may be worth a trip: it is only 102 km away.


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