Hotel Mistral 4 stelle Termoli

The territory:
the Tremiti Islands

Hotel Mistral 4 stelle Termoli

The beauty
that makes your heart beat faster

Paradise certainly has the colors of the blue sea of the Tremiti Islands, the beauty of its unspoiled nature and the peace of its rhythms of the past. The archipelago consist of 5 small islands, 24 miles from the coast of Termoli, can be reached in just over one hour thanks to the daily connections from the port. It is a real Eden in which nature, the colors of the sea with its infinite shades, the numerous coves, caves and bays, make them an open-air museum. It was not by chance that they were called "the pearls of the Adriatic".

In addition to the majestic and lush nature, the Tremiti Islands contain millennia of history. On the islands of San Nicola, in highest part, it is possible to visit the abbey of Santa Maria, dating back to 1045 B.C. and the enchanting Castello dei Badiali. The island of San Domino, on the other hand, is the best equipped for tourism and accomodation facilities and it is the center of summer nightlife. The coast has a large number of sea caves, paradisiacal bays and cliffs that seem sculpted for their beauty. Among the most suggestive caves it is impossible not to mention that of thee

Rondinelle, so called because in the spring the swallows nest there. The Grotta delle Viole, covered with shrubs that are covered with colorful flowers in spring, and the Grotta del Sale, which collect a large quality of sea salt.
The Tremiti Islands were formerly known as Diomedee, by Diomedes, the legendary Homeric hero who buried here. What characterized this heavenly place is its crystal clear and Caribben sea, completely unspoiled and rich in fauna, characteristics that makes it one of the favorite destinations for diving lovers.
At the reception of Hotel Mistral it is possible to purchase tickets for boarding, so as to avoid long and boring queues at the port ticket office.
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