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Hotel Mistral 4 stelle Termoli

Molise you don't expect

Molise exists and its the only italian region that contains, in a small territory, sea, hills, mountains, lakes and rivers. A small region, sparsely populated but wich represents a real green belt between central and southern Italy. It offers scene and landscapes that are difficult to forget, where nature is the master and where time seems to have stopped in a dimencion alien to the frenetic city rhythms.

From Termoli, thanks to its strategic position, it is possible to quickly reach the interior of Molise. In just over an hour, you can visit the upper Molise and enjoy an immersive experience in nature by visiting the MAB nature Collemeluccio – Montedimezzo. One of the 8 Italian Biosphere Reserves. For wildlife lovers, the Lipu Oasis of Casacalenda is an obligatory stop, an Oasis with the aim to protect the protected species and high historical value.
Guardiaregia, 90 km from Termoli, is home to one of the largest and wildest WWF oases. In Pesche, a protected area in the province of Isernia, the spring waters of the Majury spring are populated by a particular anphibian, the newt, the litmus test of healthy environments. But Molise is also a mountain, for cross-country skiers, the obligatory stop is Prato Gentile, with its slopes particularly appreciated for its beauty and quality.

History, culture and folklore

Few people knows that Molise is also a land of castles, all of medieval origin: from the castle of Gambatesa, a typical medieval fortress which over the years has become a princely residence, passing through the Pignatelli castle, with Renaissance and sumptuous appearance, home to Eddie summer Lang Jazz Festival. What is presented to the eyes is a spectacle of a wonder difficult to forget. This small region, with its agro-pastoral nature, boast several ceremonies featuring fire. It has always been a symbol of purification and regeneration, for Molisans it is closely linked with the patronal celebrations, in particular in homage to Saint Anthony. In Campobasso (70 km from Termoli), Colletorto (50 km), Acquevive di Frosolone (85km) the tradition of peasant work and popular beliefs, create unique rituals and celebrations that are worth visiting.

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