Discover Termoli and the Tremiti Islands with an unmissable offer

Discover Termoli and the Tremiti Islands with an unmissable offer

Are you looking for an idea to spend an unforgettable weekend? You are on the right page: today we offer you a unique opportunity to visit the pearls of the Adriatic: Termoli and the Tremiti Islands.

Why visit Termoli?

Termoli is a charming town, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, in a strategic position: 3 hours from Rome, 2 from Naples and about an hour from the Gargano. Its favorable location is attested by the Italian Greenwich appellation: here the 42nd parallel North and the 15th East meridian (the central meridian of the time zone of Rome, Paris and Berlin) cross. According to the rankings of several Italian magazines, Termoli is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its small size allows you to visit it even in a weekend, passing through itineraries that include the Tremiti Islands or the beauties of Molise and Puglia.

Termoli in Molise

What to see in Termoli?

Its most suggestive glimpse is certainly the ancient village overlooking the sea, surrounded by defensive walls and watchtowers, built to protect it in case of attacks from the sea. Walking through its alleys, among which the narrowest alley in Europe stands out, you come across architectural wonders:

  • the Svevian Castle, dating back to the Norman era and dating back to the 11th century, was renovated in 1247 by Frederick II of Svevia;
  • the Cathedral, built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, underwent some changes with the earthquake of 1464 that are found in the different architectural style of the facade. The lower part has preserved the original Apulian Romanesque style, the upper part is in the Gothic style. Inside there are the remains of San Basso, the patron saint of the city;
  • the Trabucco (or "trabocco", according to the Abruzzese pronunciation), a traditional fishing system, consisting of a stilt house connected to the mainland via a walkway.

Termoli ricchezze

A city suitable for children

In addition to the historical monuments and the beautiful ancient village, what characterizes this wonderful town is the presence of a crystal clear sea with a shallow bottom and a very fine sand. This makes it particularly suitable for children, thanks also to the presence of beach club that offer animation and entertainment services for the little ones. Termoli is also the closest port to Tremiti islands, reachable with a crossing in less than an hour. The connections with the islands, especially in the summer, are numerous: this allows you to visit Tremiti in a day starting from Termoli.

Isole Tremiti

Tremiti Islands, the "pearls of the Adriatic"

The Tremiti Islands belong to Puglia, but are connected to the coast with ferries and motorboats that leave from the port of Termoli. They are also known as the pearls of the Adriatic. The main feature of these islands is the luxuriant and uncontaminated nature: on the largest island, San Domino, there is a large pine forest of Aleppo pines, which gradually slopes down to the cliff. For sea lovers, then, they are an essential destination: crystal clear water, seabeds that offer a great variety of colors, the possibility of diving, the sea caves which, together with the huge rocks, are the most fascinating natural resources to be admired on the island.

For history lovers, it is a must to visit the island of San Nicola, the second largest in the archipelago. The imposing walls of Torrione Angioino dominate the island and speak of a past characterized by history and legend, corsair struggles and religious symbols. In ancient times the Tremiti Islands were also known as the Diomedee Islands, in homage to the Homeric hero who, according to legend, was buried there.

The archipelago also includes smaller islets, all uninhabited, but characterized by unspoiled nature: Caprara, Cretaccio and Pianosa. To admire the islands in all their beauty, we strongly suggest a guided tour of the sea caves.

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