Fire of the Termoli Castle, the most awaited event in August

Fire of the Termoli Castle, the most awaited event in August

People from Termoli on mid-August commemorates the landing of the Turks and the assault against Pialì Pascià against the ancient village. On August 2, 1566 the Turks landed in Termoli with 200 galleys, besieged the ancient city, putting it on fire. Much of the population was made prisoner, the luckiest managed to escape by taking refuge in the countryside of Guglionesi and Serracapriola.

Incendio del Castello di Termoli - Mistral


This assault took place for strategic reasons: the objective of the Ottomans was the Tremiti Islands but, in order to conquer them, it was also essential to submit Termoli, so as to prevent the Kingdom of Naples from sending aid and reinforcements to the islands. They never managed to conquer the islands, but that offensive brought death, destruction and slavery. They managed to easily penetrate our city because the walls of the Castle had previously been damaged by earthquakes, making them easily penetrated.

Therefore, every year, on August 15th, the battle between Turks and Christians is recalled.

Termoli relives this dramatic piece of history through evocative representations and events, among which the most appreciated by the public is certainly the fire of the Castle. One of the most beautiful fireworks in Italy, which illuminates and ignites the sky of Termoli and attracts thousands of visitors every year. In the afternoon, the fireworks are preceded by a particular masked parade through the streets of the center. The local young people, disguised as Saracens and those of 16th century fishermen, recall the assault on the Castle and the fighting that followed.

Throughout the evening, the entire North promenade (where our hotel stands) is celebrating, among stalls, musical performances and street food: an evening not to be missed where history, traditions and fun are intertwined to create an event suggestive and extremely exciting. For our guests who want to enjoy the show from the beach, we recommend taking a seat well in advance, because the beach is literally taken by storm.



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